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A glowing smile lets you shine from the inside out.  We know that beautiful teeth are healthy teeth and here at Westway Dental, our goal is to have you looking and feeling your best.  We’re proud to offer the latest in cosmetic procedures to help you repair the function of your smile and restore its youthful appearance.

We can assist you with:


A dental crown is a cap-like prosthetic used to cover damaged teeth.  Patients with discoloration, fractured or broken teeth, bite issues, or those who have recently undergone a root canal may all be able to benefit from a crown.  Made from gold, porcelain, or metal, these coverings are a wonderful option for a range of dental issues. Learn more about crowns here.


Veneers are great for those patients wishing to mask discolored or small teeth, bite issues, or gaps between teeth.  Made from a mold of your existing teeth, our veneers are custom-designed to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit that looks completely natural.


Dental bonding is a procedure where a resin-like material is applied to an existing tooth in order to correct fractures, gaps, discoloration, or to protect a root.  Bonds look and feel completely natural and are a wonderfully cost-efficient solution!


A whiter, brighter smile is attainable for everyone, and getting one may be easier than you think!  At Westway we offer two kinds of whitening procedures:

At-Home: For at-home whitening, we provide you with everything you need to brighten your smile while you go about your daily activities.  We make a mold of your teeth which you will then fill at home with a provided whitening gel.

In-Office: We offer the latest Philips Zoom technology right in our office.  This incredibly effective procedure can lighten teeth by up to eight shades of white!


Dental implants are a permanent solution to many cosmetic tooth problems.  Designed to bond with your existing teeth and jaw, implants may be the answer to both your aesthetic issues and an enduring solution for broken and damaged teeth. Learn more about dental implants here.


A decidedly easier alternative to the classic metal braces, Invisalign are clear and custom molded to fit you perfectly.  Learn more about our Invisalign services here.

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