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Lost or missing teeth?  You may want to consider dentures.  No longer the uncomfortable and messy devices of years gone by, they are now a wonderful option for those suffering from various dental issues.  They can allow you to speak normally again, eat the foods you’ve been craving, and restore the healthy, white look of your teeth.

At Westway Dental we offer three types of dentures.  The first are conventional dentures.  These are full sets of false teeth, suitable for those missing many teeth on both the upper and lower jaw.  We also offer immediate dentures which act as replacement teeth while gums heal from extractions.  Finally, there’s partial dentures.  These are great for those who are only missing a few teeth and don’t need a set of full dentures.

The Westway Difference

All of our dentures are custom created to your exact measurements.  This ensures the most comfortable fit possible.  Not only will your smile look great, but you will be able to do the things you love again.

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