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Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth

While we always hope surgery can be avoided and we do our best to maintain your natural teeth, sometimes extractions or other types of oral procedures become necessary.  At Westway Dental, we are able to complete the majority of surgical procedures right from the comfort and convenience of our office.

If a tooth becomes damaged or severely misaligned it may need to be removed.  We also handle wisdom tooth extractions.  If your wisdom teeth are not emerging normally, meaning they are impacted horizontally under the gum line, they will most likely need to be taken out.  At Westway Dental, we can take care of most wisdom tooth extractions right from our office.  Your dentist will numb the surrounding area with a local anesthetic and remove the teeth.  You will then be instructed on after care and scheduled for a follow up appointment.

We also handle dental implant surgery.  Implants are permanent titanium posts that are surgically placed in your mouth to fuse with existing jaw bone.  These are a wonderful restorative option for many patients.

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