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We get it; oral procedures can be a bit nerve-wracking.  That’s why at Westway Dental we offer the most up-to-date techniques in sedation and pain management.  It is our goal to keep you as comfortable and safe as possible during your procedure and to minimize any anxiety over future trips to see us.

The Westway Difference

We offer two kinds of sedation.  The first is IV conscious sedation.  During a procedure where this is used, you will be in what’s known as a “twilight” state.  You will feel no pain, but will remain conscious throughout the procedure.  Although many patients report not remembering the time they are sedated, you will be able to respond to questions and instructions.  The second kind of sedation is oral conscious sedation.  You will be provided with a sedative to take at home so that you will be calm and relaxed upon arrival for your procedure.  We can also administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for those patients who need a little extra help with anxiety.

If you need to have several procedures performed at once, or are simply harbouring the classic “fear of the dentist” contact us today to discuss sedation options.

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